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Digital Mentor Recommendations

Diana Choyleva,

Founder Enodo Economics

Lee of Digital Mentor is top of his class. We looked for someone to help us with our digital marketing for a long time, and when we found Lee it was quickly clear that he stood head and shoulders above all the others. He helped us streamline our strategy and it is now yielding tangible results. There has not been a question he has not been able to help with and he does not hold back when he is asked for his views. Thoroughly professional, personable, and proficient in his trade, I would recommend him wholeheartedly.

Rob Platt,

M.D. Caring For Care

We have worked with Digital Mentor for a couple of years now and will continue to use the services. Lee's impact was felt virtually immediately when we started working with him. His knowledge and experience is second to none when combined with his ability to "cut through the crap" and explain in simple terms what requires doing with no jargon is invaluable to us business owners.

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James Hickman,

CEO Online Home Retail

Lee of Digital Mentor knows more about running an e-commerce business than anyone else I have come across. He was a pioneer in the internet retail revolution with Onlinegolf and has remained at the cutting edge of internet marketing ever since. The only person I ever turn to for advice in this area.