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  • Lee Brown

What Can Digital Mentor Do For Me?

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Are you the owner or senior manager of a business not maximising the results from its website and digital marketing? Here we see John, the owner of a new wedding venue, bumping into an acquaintance at the bar of the local pub.

"John! John, over here. How are you mate?"

"Er, hi Steve. Yeah I'm fine"

"How's business?"

"Up and down, to be honest"

"Up and down? You got your website sorted didn't you?"

"Yes. With that company you recommended. Orange Starfish Media..."

"You mean Blue Star Media, John! Yeah Ralph's a good lad, does a good job"


"So your business didn't take off?"

"Er, no Steve. No it didn't. Ralph finished the website and it went live. It looked good but not a lot happened. He then said we had to do some SEO. Another £500, on top of the £1,500 I spent on the site, not to mention the £750 spent on photography!"

"SEO. Yeah that sounds good. So then the leads will start coming in?"

"Not straight away, no. Ralph says it can take several months for the SEO to work"

"Several months, John. That's not too bad. Ralph is the expert mate!"

"Yes. And in the meantime he said we could try some Search PPC"

"PPC? Who can do that then?"

"Ralph. Yeah Ralph said he can do that too. He reckons about another £500 should get it started."

"Ralph again? Blimey that bloke definitely knows his stuff John!"

"Indeed Steve. You'd never think he was related to you!"

"Funny John, funny."

"Anyway, I'm thinking about it. Ralph said the PPC should work and in any case if not we can always look at Facebook as a fall back option."

"Facebook? Cheryl goes on there on her phone most nights. Looking at cats mainly, not sure you'd get many customers off that to be honest"

"Maybe you're right, who knows?"

"Anyway, best of luck with it John. Mine's a pint as you're in the chair!"

If this sounds all too familiar, then a Digital Mentor subscription could really help you. We don't build websites but we know how to set them up. We know digital marketing inside out and we know how to get results. We know where to invest and where not to invest. And increasing your sales/leads or calls is often not as expensive as you would think.

A Digital Mentor is designed to be part of your management team; a digital expert that you can call upon for advice anytime. They will also ensure you understand everything yourself. No one knows your business as well as you do and it is crucial that you are a key part of every decision made and you understand why that decision was made. Finally, a Digital Mentor will ensure you have a plan to improve and to build your business profitably over time. All this for a fraction of the cost of a full time employee!

As a rule of thumb it is unlikely that the company that built your website knows how to set it up properly to get results and knows how to market it. Lewis Hamilton knows how to drive his Mercedes but I doubt very much he knows how to build it. And a mechanic is not necessarily a good driver either! And do they set the car up, leave it and never improve it? Of course not, they are constantly improving it and you should be doing the same with your website and online activity!

The difference between a very good and an average to poor website is down to the finer detail. When that detail is honed with our know-how then a website can really sing. Couple that with the right digital marketing program and a commitment to continuous improvement and you will crack it.


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