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The Best Digital Marketing Mentor

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

You want to grow your online sales or leads but want to learn and understand how to do it rather than just outsource your digital marketing to an agency. Great choice! The best way to success is to understand your unique business drivers and get ongoing help and advice from a Digital Marketing Mentor who keeps up with the latest trends.

Ultimately, only one person will truly understand all of your business and that's you! I can't stress this enough! Successful businesses have a leader or a management team that really underpin the business and know the key elements that make it successful. There may only be 2 or 3 things but they are the crucial things which the business does that adds value to its clients and differentiates itself from its competition.

Ask yourself a question. Do I understand the key things that drive my business? If the answer is no then that is surely a big issue! If you subcontract elements of sales generation and don't understand how they work then how can this be a sustainable business model? Typically, this may be an agency and I can assure that, whilst they may have a good understanding of digital marketing, they don't understand your business like you do and they will not achieve the best results without your input. They may not even achieve acceptable results without your input.

This is where a Digital Marketing Mentor can really help. A Digital Marketing Mentor should be able to advise;

- What channels should be used to marketing your business (e.g. Google PPC, SEO, Facebook etc)

- How do approach the marketing for each selected channel

- What sort of budget and return on investment makes sense

- What is required to maximise the marketing from a channel ( changes, landing pages etc)

- How to analyse the results of marketing activity

- How to learn and improve results ongoing, incorporating changes in how the channel works

This process could continue for a long time if you are seeing the results that you want. It is important to realise that a good Digital Marketing Mentor will invest time in understanding the developments in each channel so as to ensure ongoing success. It is common to see approaches succeed for a while but then need to be adjusted as time goes on.


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